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September, the scent of late summer



holidays in late summer in Italy

is a fantastic experience.
Temperatures are milder, the beach is clearer, and sporting activities such as hiking and cycling allow you to integrate into a lush and revitalizing nature.

Treat yourself to a relaxing experience at Casa delle Lavande to discover the natural and cultural beauties.

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Il cammino di Leonardo

Walking route in Sogliano al Rubicone, Forlì-Cesena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

7.2 km and does not present particular difficulties. The total travel time is calculated in 2.30 hours. Initially we start towards the municipal sports ground along the path 115 and proceed towards the aqueduct and the river Uso. A natural curtain of reeds leads to a forest characterized by the presence of black pine, ancient oaks, elderberry trees and various bushes of brambles. You soon reach the town of Ponte Uso. After having skirted for a while the riverbed faces a rather demanding but short climb towards the S. Donato di Vignola Park. In the park there are two “concavities”, realized on Leonardo’s drawings: they are conical cavities dug into the ground that in ancient times were used by shepherds to amplify the sounds of the horns, thus allowing communication over long distances. Inside the park we also point out the Tempietto di San Donato, an ancient oratory today dedicated to peace and adorned with a solar clock. Leaving the park you reach the nearby Church of Vignola: behind the escarpment stands the centuries-old Roverella di Vignola, 18 meters high and with a circumference of the trunk of 3.4 meters. The last stop before reaching Sogliano is near the great Vitruvian Man’s artifact, also realized on drawings by Leonardo da Vinci

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by booking your holiday at Casa delle Lavande. Give an unforgettable experience to those you love.
VDAY code in your request get a 15% discount on our rates. Offer valid until 28th February.

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Holiday with low cost flight

Book quickly your vacation at Casa delle Lavande. London Stansted by Ryanair is connect to Rimini airport,  only 8 km from us. Every Tuesday and Saturday from  31 march to 27 October 2018.